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Curb Beach Plastic

Nurturimg Optimism

Nurturimg Optimism

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"Nurturing Optimism"
Made from Ocean Plastic
Making something good from something bad.

I read an interesting article by wellness coach, Judith Lissing, on LinkedIn about Optimism, here is a little bit of it.

"Optimism is not blind faith in the good and it’s not simply seeing the glass as half full. It may be understanding that the glass is actually more than half empty, but choosing to focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t have.

How we feel about things is less about the reality and more about our perspective. If it’s raining, it’s neither good nor bad. Your perception may be that it’s good because you enjoy staying indoors on a rainy day reading a good book or binging movies. Your perception may be that’s bad because you had planned a picnic with the family that day. The rain is not personal, it just is.

We choose our perception and we choose our response."

I thought So true!

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