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Curb Beach Plastic

Nature's Whisper

Nature's Whisper

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 "Nature's Whisper" is not just a floral ode; it's a statement. Every petal and intricate detail is crafted from ocean plastic, a material that pollutes our natural world.


As the Gladiolus carinatus blooms, it symbolizes resilience, just as the ocean's delicate balance does amidst environmental challenges. The sugarbird and flora showcase the intricate relationships within our natural world, urging us to preserve and cherish it.


Through this piece, I invite you to contemplate the harmonious coexistence of flora and fauna, two vital aspects of our environment. It's a reminder of the delicate balance we must preserve for future generations.


Let's cherish the beauty of spring and protect the Earth's treasures.


Kiaat frame 23x23cmx6cm with Gallery Glass

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