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Curb Beach Plastic

Lilies of Dystopia

Lilies of Dystopia

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 The Lilies of Dystopia by Janet Ormond

Made from Ocean Plastic


What world do we face in the footsteps of destruction?


The Lilies; Spider Lily, Easter Lily and Calla Lily carry several meanings signifying not only death, final goodbyes but also rebirth, new beginnings and hope.


The meadow of Calla Lilies are made from a sole of a shoe representing the footsteps of humans on earth.


Amongst the Lilies sits a single Crow. Much like the lily flower the crow also carries an immediate connotation of death and bad omens however it is a creature that has a unique ability for observation and intuition. The crow is renowned for its wisdom and carrying messages. 


Much like Dystopia, Climate change challenges us to look ahead, past our own lives, to consider how the future might look for generations to come – and our footsteps in this.






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