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Curb Beach Plastic

Harmony Amidst Fragility

Harmony Amidst Fragility

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"Harmony Amidst Fragility"

Made from Ocean plastic

This captivating landscape piece aims to highlight the delicate balance between nature's resilience and the fragility of our environment. 

A striking field of aloes set against a majestic mountain backdrop. Amidst the aloes, a diverse array of avian life emerges, including Malachite sunbirds, Cape sugarbirds, and an orange-breasted sunbird. Along with other pollinators, a tiny bee and butterfly. Their delicate presence signifies the fragile balance of ecosystems and the interdependence of species.

Ultimately, my aim is to evoke a sense of awe and responsibility in the viewer. By appreciating the intricate details and vibrant colors of the artwork, one can grasp the immense diversity and interconnections of life. 

It is my hope that "Harmony amidst fragility" serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and actions, inspiring individuals to protect and restore the delicate balance of our planet.


Kiaat frame with Gallery Glass - Size 560x450x80mm


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