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Curb Beach Plastic

Borrowed Hope

Borrowed Hope

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"Borrowed Hope" Made from Ocean Plastic

Wow! You know I often read the most amazing things which I likely would never have come across. Each piece often takes me on a little journey of discovery.

I googled the words "Borrowed Hope" and found an interesting blog by Daisy Rosales called Simplicity Relished.

She wrote such a lovely piece on "Borrowed Hope" that I thought I would share it with you as I think we all need a little hope 🖤

@daisysrosales wrote:

Others who experience more hope can share that hope with those who are downcast.

Hope has been on my mind lately. On a global level, I can say we live in an incredible world, but it is also a world that is broken by violence. Whatever hope we have in this world must lie beyond what we see right before us"

And on a personal level, my efforts to simplify my life are reminders of where my hope is. My hope is not in my things and my distractions..

Hope can be such an easy thing to lose. Unmet expectations in one circumstance do not bode well for expectations in other circumstances. There are people who are laden with disappointment and loss. Hope is not easy to hold onto when situations are less than ideal.

What we all need is strong, sturdy hope that is rooted in truth.

So, the idea of “borrowing hope” really intrigued me. Can someone have so much hope, as to be able to lend it to someone in need?

I think it’s possible. And I think we lend out our hope whenever we comfort others, encourage them, teach them, advise them, pray for them, and bless them. The idea that we are called to let others borrow our hope is an incredible way to understand the people that I interact with everyday.

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Framed in a white 23x23cm box frame


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